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niutu umachii  根音ウマチー    
- Meet the Roots Music of Ryukyu -

The Ryukyu music has its rootsand wings either, still now.

What does it mean to feel the source of it, to gaze into the origin of it, or listen to it?

In the small islands of far-east Asia, the specific nature-power and the spirituality of ancestors are vividly play their parts. The shamanic world is still active there.
There is the ritual of agriculture and fishery in which people pray for the fertility and peace. It gives them their lives the rhythm of “ Hare and Ke〈≒ the unusual and the usual〉”. It must be the key of gaining tranquility and ground note to our lives.

Such the ritual entertainment is the rootsof classical or popular performing arts.
Also the music of the islands was grown upon the root, made the trunk tough, and has been fruitful as a plenty of music pieces with the profound taste.
Chong-daraa is the dancer with wisdom.

In the classical music, we can feel the graceful glory of the Ryukyu dynasty with nostalgia.
Numerous folksongs was the precious food for the mind of the people in Okinawa and emigrants overseas, around early 20th century.

Still now, such the various music pieces are deeply breathing beside the islanders. And through them, we can see the archetype of the music or the dance which were, in those days, nothing but the pure expression of prayer and hankfulness for islanders’ rather peaceful days.

So, now, we must say it’s fruitful to feel the thankfulness for the successive tradition of the music, and to experience “Ni-Utu <the Roots Music>“ amazingly.
The day of NI-Utu-Umachii invite us to sing a song of joy — the joy of re-meeting(reunion)with the precious roots beneath(at)each one’s feet.

Name of Music Event

  • Pageant of Music
    niutu umachii 根音ウマチー
    - Meet the Roots Music of Ryukyu -

Dates & Hours

  • Nov. 9 (Sat) 2019
    Concert starts 17:00 / close 20:00


  • Koza Music Town 'Gajumaru Squre' : 1-1-1 Uechi, Okinawa city, Okinawa, Japan

Admission  Free


  • Okinawa City


Prefecture Okinawa / Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau / (QAB) Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting Co / (RBC) Ryukyu Broadcasting Co / (OTV) Okinawa Television Broadcasting Co / Ryukyu Shimpo Press / Okinawa Times Press / FM Okinawa Co / (ROK) Radio Okinawa Co / FM Koza / Okinawa Radio Co / FM Nirai


Okinawa City Tourism Association / Okinawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Association Mall Koza / Sound Package Co / Koza Information Center / ajima inc / Teruya music store / Fukuhara music store / Sign Okinawa

Event Produce and Planning

  • Rinken Teruya (ajima inc)

Executive Office

Production : Okinawan Music Month Management Office
Phone : ( 098 ) 941 - 2201

Stage Program

Nov.9 ( sun. ) 2019   17:00 start


  • RINKEN BAND (Okinawan pop)
  • Tetsuhiro Daiku (Okinawan folk)
  • Narise Arakaki (Okinawan folk)
  • Hiromi Maeda (Okinawan folk)
  • Tink Tink (Okinawan folk)
  • Nakanomachi Eisa (Okinawan Traditional dance performance and drums)